Бесплатная локализация вашей игры (EN -> RU) в образовательных целях

Интересное предложение — бесплатная локализация вашей игры (EN -> RU) в образовательных целях:

Копия поста для тех, кто не может перейти по ссылке (хотя там всё равно просят обращаться в DM):

Hey ho, guys!
My name is Anton. I’m project manager at localization studio Levsha (https://en.levsha.eu).
We’re looking for a game, which we can translate from EN to RU FOR FREE!
Why are we doing this?
Every summer we host a non-profit Translation and Localization Workshop where we teach young people interested in localization the ropes of the industry. (We actually have a blog about it here if you’re interested in details: https://en.levsha.eu/blog/translation-localization-workshop/). It’s always very fun and educational, but it also means that every year we need to find a project for the participants to translate.
Usually we try to find a game, preferably something that hasn’t been translated into Russian yet. So, every year we try to reach to various game developers with this proposal:
* We’re looking for a game with, ideally, around 20k-60k words (other amounts are possible too, but not too huge)
* We need a build of the game that we’d be able to extract the texts from, import them in and see if it works. A lockit, basically.
* We’ll translate the game into Russian for free!
* The bulk of the translation will be handled by the participants of our workshop, but after that it’ll be proofread and edited by the professional editors that we work with on a regular basis.
Please DM, if you have such project and want to collaborate with us.